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Our team focuses on building a community of forward-looking entrepreneurs, families, and special-interest individuals who want more from their careers, lifestyles, and relationships. We resonate with individuals who carry a passion for what they do, determined to achieve success with affordable professional guidance no matter what!

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Our reputable authors cover higher ed jobs to the highest paying jobs without a degree, job hunting, and career growth.
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Everything you need to know about social networking, online marketing, and internet marketing.
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Our coverage of entrepreneurship is second to none, including the best startup business for you.
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Fast-result full body workouts - a home workout for abs, workouts for shoulders, workouts for chest, biceps & triceps - you name it.
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We cover everything from wellness centers to biometric screening, health coaching, wellness programs for employees, women’s wellness & well-being.
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An in-depth overview of guided meditation for sleep, the subconscious, a peaceful mind, and mind over matter.
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We cover this from corner to corner, including the single mom, parenting style, co-parenting, the stay-at-home mom, and more.
We cover exchange-traded funds, tax strategy, small business startups, debt-free living, real estate investing, fixed income options, asset management, and more.
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Provides expert men’s dating advice, dating advice for women, and marriage advice to deal with even the most complicated situations.
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Insightful content that embraces self- improvement, self development, and self growth.

Our Vision

To be the #1 resource for an audience that demands relevant content delivered by reputable experts and specialists that's up-to-date, incredibly presented, and proven to work in real-life situations.

Our Mission

To harness our core genres to give our diverse readers:

  • A competitive edge where a meaningful difference spells success.
  • The ability to release from stressful situations dragging them down.
  • The opportunity to break the chains of mediocrity and excel.

How We Do It

Entering into our nonfiction library as an author takes some doing. Why? Because we take a practical approach, providing affordable ebook content that fits our customers' lifestyles to a T. Furthermore, it must engage the audience from page one until "the end" - delivering lifestyle results that make a real difference. Finally, our team believes the benefits will look after themselves as long as our eBook expert authors know how to get to the crux of the matter with no-nonsense take-home value material. In short, we make sure they do.

A Message From The Team

Our eBook customers are in business or starting one, stakeholders grappling with the challenges of digital marketing and digital technology, families parenting children and teenagers, or individuals struggling with life's stresses. We meet clients wanting to know about mindfulness meditation, new thinking in the fitness arena, and individuals striving for better relationships at home and in the workplace. As a result, the C Hightower team has been purpose-built with diverse insights to identify and match our eBook resources to the most prominent pain points for cutting-edge solutions. So, we've built our business around ten genre lifestyles containing one hundred hard-hitting subject titles - ten in each category - designed to give the reader corner-to-corner coverage with no gaps.

As the community builds and provides invaluable feedback, the C Hightower brand will deservedly emerge as the most affordable, intelligent, and engaging go-to solution for life's pressing needs on the planet - certainly in the US. We know that the best-kept secrets are hiding in plain sight, so we've made it our business to identify them and make them accessible to everyone. We embrace change, and taking shortcuts is not in our vocabulary. As a result, our customers can rest assured that we've researched our content thoroughly and have confidence that when you engage it, the benefits will flow fast and compellingly.

If you haven't yet joined our family, we look forward to seeing you in our loyalty ranks soon.

Our Latest Reviews

Life-Changing Insights & Advice

eBooks By C. Hightower has been a game-changer for me. As someone with limited knowledge in finance, their eBook on personal finance provided clear explanations and practical tips.

It has truly transformed the way I manage my money and plan for the future.


A Beginner's Treasure Trove

I stumbled upon eBooks By C. Hightower while searching for beginner-friendly resources, and I'm so glad I did!

Their eBook on digital marketing was an absolute gem. It simplified the complex concepts and gave me a step-by-step roadmap to kick-start my online business.