Twenty-Four Frequently Asked Questions

With two dozen hard-hitting responses to every query you may have about our eBook collection is here.

Quick Answers to Common Questions

We've compiled a comprehensive list of common queries and their answers to provide you with quick solutions and valuable insights.

A1: We suggest you first browse our Homepage and look for Best Sellers, Weekly Popular ebooks, Favorite eBook Genres, or our Special Offers. Alternatively, go to our Collections Page, and click "Show All." No matter how you get there, select the eBook you want, click the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button, follow the checkout process to complete your purchase, and "Voila" - you've joined the C. Hightower family of readers. Welcome!

A2: Our 100 eBook editions in ten categories, from Personal Finance and Investing to Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, are available in the popular PDF format.

A3: Yes, once you've completed your C. Hightower eBook purchase, download and read it on any mobile or device, including tablets, desktops, smartphones, and laptops. We design our system around your ebook and lifestyle reading convenience.

A4: We offer a mix of DRM-protected and DRM-free eBooks. Each eBook's product page specifies The DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection status. DRM-free eBooks allow greater flexibility in terms of device compatibility.

A5: We offer an ebook library management system for you to seamlessly access and download your genre selections after completing your ebook purchase in our website's "My Account" section.

A6: The answer is no unless you encounter technical issues with the eBook file and our customer support can’t assist you.

A7: Unfortunately, you cannot. Our pricing is affordable to almost all readers of the genre options we offer, aside from our protocols allowing for personal ebook use only. Moreover, C. Hightower has a copyright to all content and titles, disallowing sharing, distributing, or reproducing the eBooks without permission.

A8: We respond to the demands of our audience, so yes, there are always exciting ebook discount opportunities offered on our Homepage. We suggest you first browse it looking for Special Offers. Our “ten for the price of five” deal remains consistently popular. Also, we recommend you sign up for our newsletter for the latest trends in subjects like Self Help and Personal Development, Health and Wellness, Mindfulness Meditation, and seven other genres. Finally, don’t miss our social media special offers and sales occasionally.

A9: Like Netflix gives viewers quick insights into movies, we provide ebook sample chapters or excerpts. Moreover, the product pages offer summary overviews for genre reader perusal.

A10: All mainstream credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), debit cards, and PayPal as checkout options stand behind your ebook purchases.

A11: We’re here to optimize your convenience. So, as long as C. Hightower remains in business, you can access and download your genre ebook selections from “My Account” - see also question 5 and our response above for more.

A12: Readers don’t require an internet connection after downloading a genre ebook to their selected devices. Please refer to question 3 for more on this. In short, you can enjoy your favorite ebooks offline, online, anytime, and anywhere with the C. Hightower brand in your corner.

A13: The default response to this question is attached to question 7, outlining that ebook printing and copying permissions are limited (if permitted at all). For details, please refer to the eBook product descriptions.

A14: Yes, of course, but remember that gifting doesn't allow the giver to access the ebook content - please see our response to question 7 above on "sharing." So, by all means, gift an eBook in the checkout process; it allows you to insert the recipient's email address. Almost instantly, upon completion of the purchase, we will email the latter with instructions on downloading and accessing the gifted eBook.

A15: Yes, our eBooks from “Parenting and Childcare” to “Entrepreneurship and Small Business Startup” (and another eight genre selections in between) are iOS and Android compatible, as are several reading apps accessible on your preferred platform.

A16: Unfortunately not. The C. Hightower ebook model has been highly successful, providing readers with access to individual genre edition purchases, and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

A17: Yes, you - the customer - are #1 in our business! Therefore, we have a 24/7 dedicated, knowledgeable, and responsive customer support team, integral to the CJ Tower brand, able to assist you from end to end of your customer experience with us. Questions or feedback - you name it - we want to hear from you, especially if you have an ebook pain point that you want to disappear. So, please reach out to us via the provided contact channels.

A18: Yes. Please read our response to Question 17 for added input to this query. Indeed, we encourage our customers to leave reviews and ratings for the eBooks they've purchased. Your feedback helps other genre ebook readers make informed lifestyle decisions and provides valuable author and publisher insights.

A19: Our eBooks are available for all age groups. However, some eBook content may go over a younger audience's head or be unsuitable for them. Our nonfiction genre ebooks seldom enter sensitive adult content, but please refer to the product descriptions for any age recommendations or content warnings. Please see more on this in our response to Question.

A20: Currently, we do not offer ebook gift cards or vouchers, but you can surely gift our ebooks to your selected recipients. Please refer to Question 14 for a complete answer to this question.

A21: The C. Hightower team has spent months selecting the genres and the ebook titles to converge on our audience's most crucial life-changing demands with hard-hitting, no-nonsense exposure to the little-known secrets that will save readers years of trial and error.

A22: Great question, but impossible to give a precise answer. If one looks at the Genres - Personal Finance and Investing * Self Help and Personal Development * Health and Wellness, Relationship Advice * Career Development and Job Hunting * Fitness and Exercise * Mindfulness Meditation *Parenting and Childcare * Entrepreneurship and Small Business Startups * Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing - they’re all highly relevant to millions of people. Indeed, many of our readers are mono-genre followers, while others delve into multiple options.

A23: Because we don't believe in fluff and wasted content. On the contrary, no-nonsense, to-the-point recommendations and content motivations are fundamental to every ebook genre in the C. Hightower library.

A24: Our ebook titles are accessible to a universal audience no matter where they live. That's the beauty of digital products and marketing; we take full advantage of it.